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Pastor John Gray experiencing miraculous recovery


More than a week after he was hospitalized with a life-threatening pulmonary embolism, Relentless Church Pastor John Gray is now slowly on the mend, according to his wife, Aventer Gray, and she’s calling it a “miracle.”

“We can’t explain it, but we know that it’s God. And that it’s only God that has kept him and that is keeping him even now,” Aventer Gray, who co-pastors Relentless Church with her husband, told churchgoers during an address on Sunday, Greenville News reported. “He’s in amazing spirits and he can’t wait to see you all again.”

Relentless Church has campuses in Greenville, South Carolina, and Powder Springs, Georgia.

Gray, 49, was first admitted to a hospital in Alabama and then transported to the critical care unit of another hospital in Atlanta with a saddle pulmonary embolism.

The condition is a rare type of acute pulmonary embolism that occurs when a large blood clot gets “lodged at the intersection where the main pulmonary artery divides and branches off into the left and right lungs,” according to Medical News Today.

As her husband wrestled on his sickbed with the condition, Aventer Gray urged his followers to bombard Heaven with prayers so he could receive a “miracle” from God.

She told congregants that the recovery she’s seen in her husband since he was admitted to the hospital is a miracle.

“I came here today because I wanted to let you know that if you believe in God for any type of miracle, this house is definitely a house of miracles,” she said. “I’ve seen it, and I’m seeing it right now.”

In an Instagram post a day earlier, she shared how the blood clots in her husband’s body were responding to his medical treatment.

“Doctors, multiple cardiologists, a hematologist … the best, baffled… Only God! We are stable today moving in the right direction. You heard his voice, but don’t let it fool you, the way this SPE was set up, it was trying to destroy, suffocate him. He is being unhooked from supplemental everything, because the timeline of how soon it would take to see these clots dissipate was accelerated by months and the only thing they could attribute this to was prayer,” Aventer Gray said. “Nothing they did do, was able to do what we now see based on most recent imaging. It was the prayers of the righteous that availed…”

The Relentless Church co-pastor urged congregants on Sunday to keep praying and supporting the ministry as her husband continues to experience his miraculous recovery.

“I need you to remain committed to your ministries; I need you to remain a participant in this vision and this work because he will step out here again,” Aventer Gray said. “And oh my God, when he does … I’m going to tear every pew out of here with my bare hands because I know how close to death my husband was, and I need you to take it up because there is a miracle taking place in our midst!”

While a saddle pulmonary embolism is life-threatening, most people with the condition generally survive. One study shows the mortality rate for the condition is 3.62%.

Aventer Gray explained earlier that her husband had been flying between two campuses weekly before the diagnosis. She said his body had been “screaming” for him to take his health more seriously.

She said his doctor revealed that his pulmonary artery was “50% blocked” and called for prayers that the clot would “shrink, shrivel and die.”

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