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Pastor rebuked for preaching in skinny jeans

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The founder of the multi-campus Embrace Church in South Dakota, Pastor Adam Weber, says he won’t stop preaching in his skinny jeans despite being recently rebuked by a Christian for wearing the “offensive” pants that make him look like he’s “trying on purpose to be sexy” at his pulpit.

Weber, who says 99% of the letters and messages he receives about his ministry are “wonderful,” recently shared an anonymous letter from the offended Christian on Facebook but insisted, “I think I’ll keep wearing my skinny jeans. Even if they’re … sexy.”

In the letter written in red ink, Weber’s critic called his choice of fashion for preaching “completely offensive” and “morally wrong.”

“As head pastor, do you think it is appropriate to wear skinny-leg jeans to preach? Since when do men wear skinny-leg jeans? Where is your common sense? This is an outrage! You are a representative of Jesus Christ!” the anonymous critic wrote before aiming for the church’s worship team.

“Certainly, you can dress professionally and conservatively. YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. The praise and worship team should also dress CONSERVATIVELY,” they added.

“This is mandatory being in ministry! This looks like you are trying on purpose to be sexy. JUST DISGUSTING FOR A PASTOR. USE SOME COMMON SENSE. DRESS AS YOU SHOULD! You are not in middle school but rather responsible for an entire church.”

Uniqlo, a Japanese designer, manufacturer, and retailer, explain on its website that “skinny jeans usually have a snug fit between the legs, and they end in a small leg opening from 9 to 20 in circumference.”

In recent years some conservative pastors have lashed out at pastors wearing skinny jeans, saying it is effeminate. One pastor in a video montage on YouTube said skinny jeans were “invented by the homosexual crowd in the fashion industry so some guy that’s a homosexual could scope ya!”

IN A BLOG POST, Thomas F. Booher, the pastor of Heritage Reformed Church of Sanford, North Carolina, also argued Heritage Reformed Church of Sanford, North Carolina, also discussed in a blog post that pastors should not preach in skinny jeans.

“If worship and the church service is to lift us to the heavenly and the glory and majesty of God, how can skinny jean-wearing pastors reflect this? How can a rock concert atmosphere make us think lofty thoughts of God and Jesus Christ?” he asked. “Conversely, how can a man in a robe droning on without emotion and a funeral atmosphere make us think God is worth praising? Neither reveals who God is, and both make God look like something He is not, which is a”    grave sin and even idolatry.”

Despite the opposition to his jeans, Weber said he wouldn’t stop wearing his skinny jeans, noting that such criticisms could make someone “jaded,” especially at Christians, the Church, and Jesus.

“This isn’t Jesus, though. So instead of walking away from Jesus, I’ll let it bring me closer to Jesus. I’ve never sent a letter like this. But I have written them many times in my mind (probably even over something foolish like a pastor’s jeans). I need Jesus just as much as the person who sent this does,” he wrote.

“I need Jesus. The real Jesus. Don’t walk away from Jesus because of people. Note: I’m not posting this to be passive-aggressive toward the anonymous person who sent this. Or for anyone to feel sorry for me. Only to encourage you: Please don’t walk away from Jesus because of people,” he continued.

“Also, I think I’ll keep wearing my skinny jeans. Even if they’re … sexy?” he said. “I genuinely have no ill will toward the person. I only hope well to come their way. When I’m hurting, I think/say/do hurtful things. If you would please pray for them. God would shower them with His love, grace, and kindness today. Thanks, friends.”

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