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‘Power Ranger’ and Christian Jason David Frank dies by suicide

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Actor, mixed martial artist, and professing Christian Jason David Frank, well known for his iconic role in the children’s sitcom “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” died by suicide early Saturday morning. He was 49.

According to TMZ, Frank was found deceased in a Texas hotel room and had noticeably died by suicide following an argument with his wife, who was booked in a separate room. The couple was reportedly going through a divorce, but a tribute post from Frank’s wife revealed they had reconciled.

I was losing my soulmate. Jason, I can’t go on without you! You are my world! Yes, we had our struggles, like any marriage. But months ago, we both agreed it was worth saving. Deep conversations, vulnerability, and forgiveness on both our parts. I am deeply lost, hurt, and utterly destroyed. I lost my only true love. I am your forever ‘Firecracker”’ baby … till we’re together again,” franks wife, Tammie, wrote on Instagram.

“Please respect the privacy of his family and friends during this horrible time as we come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful human being,” his agent said in a statement, according to Digital Spy.

The official Power Rangers account posted on Instagram shared: “All of Ranger Nation is deeply saddened by the loss of Jason David Frank. JDF brought countless smiles to fans over the years and will be greatly missed. May the Power protect him, always.”

Frank was cast as Tommy Oliver, the original Green Power Ranger, in the first season of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” in 1993. He would become the group leader as the White Power Ranger.

With over 20 years as a Power Ranger, Frank trained professionally as an MMA fighter and owned a couple of Karate schools. He also co-founded a Christian-based MMA apparel company named Jesus Didn’t Tap.

“We came up with Jesus Didn’t Tap. That means He didn’t quit, He didn’t give up — tap out,” Frank shared with CBN News in a 2014 interview where he opened up about his Christian faith.

“He could have tapped, snapped anytime. He could have just called thousands and thousands of angels if he wanted to,” he continued. “Tap out is an expression I can give mentally and physically; I give up; I.,”     give up. He never did that.”

During the interview, Frank shared that his wife invited him to church following his brother’s death. “I didn’t understand what the whole church thing was about, and then, when I lost my brother, it was like people were telling me I need God and all that stuff, and I was like, ‘If one more person tells me that, then that is what it is,'” he shared.

Little was mentioned about his faith in recent years, but according to Marty of the Christian rap group Social Club Misfits, Frank was a prominent Christian hip-hop fan.

“Couple of years ago, I met Jason in Texas. He was a huge Christian hip-hop fan. Super down to earth. I loved Andy, loved Kb, loved Social Club. He would always ask me to pray for his daughter. Over the years, we would randomly text each other. We would laugh about the nostalgic world of power rangers. He was a hero for me and many of us growing up,” he wrote on social media, along with a photo of a news headline announcing Frank’s death.

“Reading this breaks my heart; I’m praying for his family and friends. You never know what people are battling in private. I don’t know what to say. I’m at a loss for words,” Marty concluded.

His wife and four grown children survive Frank.

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