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Pro-transgender activists shred Student’s Bible

Activists protesting conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s college tour at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his documentary film “What is a Woman” was being shown, grabbed a Bible from a young man who was reading it aloud and ripped out the pages. One protester used his teeth to shred the ripped-out pages and spat them on the cement ground.

Young America’s Foundation, which is hosting Walsh’s college tour, shade a video of the protesters desecrating the Bible, including a female with red-dyed hair who shoved pages from a torn-up Bible into her mouth.

A young counter-protester was reading the Bible in support of the YAF event.

In another video, protesters can be seen using megaphones to call white people “f—— racist” and saying the protest was to “collectively chase Nazis off the U-W campus,” the New York Post reported Saturday.

Speaking to the crowd, a student protestor said white people needed to realize “how hard it is every single f—— day for BIPOC people, especially at this institution,” the Daily Mail reported.

Rayna Cordon, who was part of a pro-abortion group protesting Walsh, was quoted as saying, “It’s like a double standard to allow the Nazis and the transphobes and the self-proclaimed fascists to have the mic and not give it to the actual community members that are funding your school, that are attending your classes, that are teaching your classes.”

Protesters had also vandalized Memorial Union and other locations around campus with spraypainted graffiti and messages opposing the event, according to NBC15.

Despite the loud protests, about 400 people attended the screening.

“I want to thank also the leftist crybabies for the free advertising spraypainted all over campus,” Walsh told attendees.

The Daily Wire commentator also addressed the heads of the school and quoted a message the university had sent out before the event warning students that the speaker is someone whose views “we believe are harmful toward our trans community.”

“To the UW-Madison administration: you should be ashamed of yourselves,” Walsh continued. “You are disgraceful, self-debasing cowards, and you spineless, gutless clowns owe me an apology.”

“What is a Woman” is a documentary about the gender and trans activist movement presented by Walsh and produced and released by The Daily Wire.

The documentary features Walsh asking, “What is a woman?” and related questions to a variety of people, including politicians, a pediatrician, a gender studies professor, a psychiatrist, a gender-affirming family and marriage therapist, a trans opponent of medical transitions for minors and a surgeon who performs body mutilating surgeries.

In one part of the documentary, Scott (Kellie) Newgent, the trans founder of TReVoices, raises her arm to reveal her severed arm and says:

“We have five children’s hospitals in the United States telling girls that they can be boys at $70,000 a pop in surgery with a 67 percent complication rate that will kill me from infection … that I can’t sue on. We’re butchering a generation of children because no one is willing to talk about anything. I have three kids at the age they’re doing this to kids. I’m not transphobic. I love my kids. And I love other people’s kids, and you should too. …This is wrong on so many levels. … I get infections every three to four months. … I’m probably not going to live very long.”

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