1 min ago

    What is causing the decline of Christianity and Church attendance in America?

    Other factors contributing to the decline of Christianity and Church attendance in America include changing…
    Christianity News Daily
    13 hours ago

    The State of Christianity Today: Trends, Challenges, and Strengths

    The good news also includes the teachings of compassion, forgiveness, and the pursuit of righteousness.…
    Christianity News Daily
    1 day ago

    The Beatitudes capture the boundless love and empathy that define Christian doctrine.

    The Beatitudes, a cornerstone of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, encapsulate a profound and transformative…
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    3 days ago

    Jesus is the Only Mediator and Intercessor Between Man and God.

    Christ serves as the mediator of a new covenant, granting the chosen ones the promised…
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    4 days ago

    At Least 10 Christians Slain in Taraba State, Nigeria 

    "More worrisome is the fact that Christians are being attacked as they work on their…
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    5 days ago

    Discover the Truth: How Christianity Stands Out from Other World Religions and Cults. Learn How to Recognize and Avoid Them Today.

    The New Testament emphasizes the urgency of turning to Jesus for salvation, highlighting the eternal…
    Christianity News Daily
    5 days ago

    “All things that the Father has are Mine,” declares Jesus in John 16:15

    he Gospel of John contains profound teachings attributed to Jesus Christ, offering believers and scholars…
    Christianity News Daily
    5 days ago

    Fulani Herdsmen in Plateau State, Nigeria, murdered seven Christians.

    "Militants from the Fulani, Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), and others conduct…
      June 9, 2023

      What are the main benefits of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ to the believer?

      ''The shed Blood of Jesus Christ must be received by faith by all and anyone who wants to go to…
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