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Where are All the Real, Godly Men Today?


Women, children, and the institution of the family are all crying out, “Where are all the good, godly men in America?” The truth is that our culture is at war with men today. The role of men, fathers, and their leadership in society is being aggressively targeted by those promoting a feminized and alternative gender agenda.

Please make no mistake; this is happening across every facet of modern culture in our nation, and it is no small battle. It is, in fact, evil. Insidiously, by not standing for biblical truth and against this cultural slide, we are allowing the voices of real men to be snuffed out. Satan is intentionally using this agenda to irrevocably and generationally destroy the family unit.

Our culture is increasingly saying, “We don’t need men.” Fatherhood abandonment is at an all-time high; the murdering of unborn babies currently occurs at genocidal rates; little boys are encouraged to become little girls; and our society is normalizing the sexualization, abuse, and trafficking of children. These are egregious and utterly heartbreaking elements of our reality today.

How do we fix this progressive catastrophe? How do we transform the culture of a backward world that worships evil and hates goodness?

It all starts by standing up for men and what the Heavenly Father declares his role in the family and society.


God’s perfect design for the family included an integral, specific role for men: to be the leader of the home. This is no small responsibility; in fact, this is the most important calling a man can fulfill: leading and honoring his family—living a life of faith and service while modeling the behavior of Jesus.

Men and women are not the same. By perfect, divine design, we have different roles and strengths that ultimately make up a beautiful, complimentary relationship when implemented correctly according to God’s Word. A family surrendered to Christ is a powerful unit that cohesively operates to effectively bond the family and strengthen its members to go forth in wisdom, truth, love, and boldness to change the world for the gospel.


Holy commitment is the steadfast, immovable dedication to serve the Lord—even unto death. This is where men must act with obedience and courage. In Christ, we are both obligated and compelled to die to ourselves, to renounce our selfish motives and our inclinations to make excuses for our behavior. We must also be willing to die for our wives and children while living out the gospel intentionally for our families.

As the ordained leaders of the home, men are called to serve their families as committed Pastors, Providers, and Protectors.

  • Pastorally, men are commanded to lead their wives and children closer to Christ, grounding them in the Word of God, prayer, and subsequent wisdom of the Holy Spirit. (Proverbs 22:61 Timothy 3:5Ephesians 6:4Proverbs 22:6)
  • Provisionally, men must go forth with all diligence and servitude in their toil, working unto the Lord and supporting their families practically and financially. (1 Timothy 5:8Colossians 3:23Ecclesiastes 9:10Proverbs 12:11).
  • Finally, as the designated Protectors of the home, men are called to physically, mentally, and emotionally safeguard their families; this includes standing up for righteousness, showing gentle love, opposing evil, and setting an example of self-control, strength, and abiding in Jesus. (Ephesians 5:25Matthew 18:6Deuteronomy 31:6)

Our sons desperately need our living example in their lives to become faithful men themselves. Our daughters need to know their value to become Spirit-led women of God. Our wives need our leadership, provision of security and tender love and dedication to Christ.

Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the rights of the afflicted and the needy. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.Psalm 82:3-4

Beyond our families, the fatherless—and those with failed fatherly examples—need righteous male role models. The Lord wants to redeem this part of their story in its fullness. The best way we can do this is through our faithful example of uprightness, unabashed boldness in masculinity, and a stark contrast to the world around us in husbandhood and fatherhood. Disciplining others is our calling—teaching men the value of genuinely following Christ.

Authentic manhood is not about settling scores or winning meaningless battles. Real, biblical manhood begins with forgiveness. The power of forgiveness changes everything. When men forgive their absent or failed fathers, they start the first step in making themselves the men God intended them to be. The transformation of the heart is sparked by compassion and intentional mercy.

Correction in love, paired with encouragement, is how we disciple others well. As we help one another this way, we must be brave enough to rebuke those unwilling to grow gently. Without the truth, our love efforts fall short. Our willingness to lovingly correct our brothers in their shortcomings and kindly encourage them in their strengths is how we build those we disciple into the men they are called to become.


Despite what society tells us, manhood in Christ Jesus is the only way our culture will ever change for the better. Therefore, it starts with you and me.

Through the active presence of godly male mentors, we will raise the next generation of boys into men who are Pastors, Providers, and Protectors. Through the love and care of mothers and wives, we will point our children to Christ and train them in wisdom. Through the steadfast work of believers, we will help lost souls find hope and healing in the arms of the Heavenly Father. Through the active and mission-focused Church, Jesus will redeem and transform the world, life by life.

The time is now to be a good and faithful servant. MEN! Be bold and courageous, bearing the image of Christ and seeking His kingdom above all things. I call upon you at this critical hour. Together, we can break the cycle of fatherlessness and restore the family unit.


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