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The Gospel Headquarters Ministry announces a new online New Testament Bible, free of charge.

The new testament bible on video is an excellent tool for evangelism.

Gospel HQ ministry provides a free online New Testament dramatized NKJV Bible on video, available to the world as the ultimate Gospel and accurate written Word of God.

In a world where technology constantly changes, it’s essential to have a resource that always stays relevant. So we’re excited to introduce The New Free Online New Testament Bible on Video. This unique tool will allow you to access the Bible in a way that’s never been possible. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Christian, check out the new online New Testament Bible on video, narrated in the NKJV.

Gospel HQ, a ministry dedicated to providing innovative tools and biblical resources to help people grow spiritually with God and discover biblical truths, recently released the free Gospel HQ Bible on video. This is the first online New Testament video Bible that offers complete readings of each book and its corresponding video for dynamic learning. In addition, it contains 27 video clips that bring each New Testament book to life in an interactive audio experience.
This innovative new video-based tool covers all twenty-seven books of the New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation.

The Gospel HQ Bible on Video also includes background music, audio narration, interstitial equations related to Jewish culture, and scene summaries that blend Scripture reading with relevant modern illustrations, helping further bring this truly unique experience alive in a ‘hear Scripture’ approach tailored towards assisting viewers to strengthen their relationship with God and those around them through meaningful discoveries made while studying thought-provoking questions at home or within their Jesus-centric community groups.

The online Bible on video is available on the Gospel Headquarters website and is easy to navigate. In addition, it has the scrolling scripture effect feature of the verses, which makes it more interactive and engaging for those who want to learn and read along with the narrator. The Gospel headquarters ministry hopes this free online New Testament Bible on video will help people know more about the Lord Jesus Christ through the Gospel and be saved.

The Ministry believes that more people will access it online, learn, and be saved; hence, making it available for free,
green ceramic mug beside book
The new Free Online New Testament Bible on video is an excellent resource for people who want to study the Bible. The video is easy to follow and provides a great way to learn about the New Testament. You can access it anytime, and it’s free to use.

It’s interactive and easy to follow, so you can learn about the New Testament without struggling with complex texts. Gospel HQ Ministry constantly updates the New Free Online New Testament Bible on Video with the latest technology, so you can access it wherever you are, freely online. This new video version of the Bible is an excellent resource for those who want to study the Bible in depth. The video quality is fantastic and can only be accessed on the Gospel Headquarters’ website. It’s worth checking out for any Christian or disciple thirsty for daily Scripture reading.


The New Testament Bible on video is an excellent tool for evangelism.

It allows the viewer to hear the gospel message in action.

1 Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ is the world’s Savior, whose messages and teachings they capture as scriptures in the New Testament Bible. This video Bible is an excellent resource for Christians of all ages and provides insight into the life and times of Jesus Christ.

2 Introducing Christ to every man, woman, and child for the sake of their soul and salvation. This video bible is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus Christ. It is easy to follow and has video narrations of the verses, making it a great learning tool.

3. It spiritually benefits Christians and is an excellent biblical resource that provides learning in an easy-to-follow way and helps with memorizing God’s Word.

4: How to Access The New Free Online New Testament Bible on Video We recommend visiting our website. If you want to learn more, listen and follow along with the narrator.

The website offers all 27 New Testament books, read word-for-word and accurately from the original Greek manuscripts by experienced voice narrators, along with simple controls that make it simple and quick to navigate the books.

You can also play the audio automatically as you read or manually control the playback.

The Ministry is committed to providing the best possible experience for its users worldwide. It is perfect for those who want to learn more about the New Testament and explore its teachings further, and it is more accessible for those new to the Bible.

The Ministry says this Bible is perfect for those who want to learn about God but don’t have time to read chapters from cover to cover. It’s also great for those who want to learn more about specific teachings about Jesus Christ.

For both personal study and group worship. It offers a wealth of content, including video explanations of key passages.

The Ministry says this Bible offers a unique experience that can help people connect meaningfully and interactively with the Bible. It is available now at

We do not need or require subscriptions since the belief that ”freely you have received so freely give.” is our guiding mantra.

Matthew 10:8, Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

That is what Jesus Himself preached and instructed His disciples to do. Therefore, sharing what they had received from Him and expecting nothing in return includes not expecting or requiring people to subscribe for what is supposed to be free.

The Gospel is supposed to be a free tool in God’s arsenal of salvation, to bring souls to Himself and populate His kingdom, hence the need to make it as accessible as possible.

We ask our readers to help others within their networks, learn, and realize a free online New Testament Bible opportunity available for everyone on earth, paid for by God through Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Digitizing The Gospel

With information technology and most reading materials going digital globally, Christians should not be left behind in keeping up with modern communication trends in social media and the advancement of electronic media technologies, hence digitizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One may wonder what digitizing the Gospel exactly means. It means taking the Gospel digitally or making it available through electronic media.

Digitizing The Gospel

Instead of disciples reading an actual hard copy of the New Testament Bible, our Ministry simplified the process and selected the NKJV as the most accurate version when translated from Hebrew and Greek.

It also translates well to the original version, transferring the New Testament hard-copy version to a digital format in the NKJV.

Bible on Video

The 27 New Testament books appear in dramatized audio with the actual words scrolling down in a video format to help the reader follow closely, internalize scriptures, and visualize what God expects each disciple to hear and obey His Word.

We realize that creating a new testament online Bible on video helps many people worldwide who could face various challenges of not having access to an actual Bible. Still, some people live in countries where the Bible is outlawed, hence having better access to the Word of God quickly online without jeopardizing their security.

Another reason for creating a Bible on video is that it makes it easier and faster to spread the Gospel, realizing that most people can adapt quickly and learn much better in groups or individually on electronic devices. Also, some people might learn faster via Zoom during discipleship Bible classes.

A New Free Online New Testament Bible On Video Launches

Are you ready to take your biblical studies to the next level? With the launch of this new online New Testament Bible on video, you can now access the Word of God like never before. This free and dynamic resource will bring your faith journey to new heights, so let’s dive right in!

Gospel HQ ministry releases a new free bible on video.


Be Gospel-ready; Christ is coming back soon!

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