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The Gospel Headquarters Ministry announces a new online New Testament Bible available free of charge

Did you know that the New Testament comprises 27 books in the Bible? The Gospel Headquarters Ministry presents the 27 books of the New Testament. Each book is narrated in the NKJV, word for word, with an option to read the text from the New Testament page on our website.  Please visit the NT books page at testament and view or read the books as they appear in the Bible free of charge.

To view each book on video, please visit our homepage at, select the books as they appear in a scrolling format, and learn straight from the word of God. In addition, please be sure to inform others in your network about this beautiful tool that God is using in these last days to reach all nations of the earth with the Gospel of Christ in fulfillment of Matthew 24:14.

Also, do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about this exciting spiritual opportunity to grow in Christ utterly free of charge. Be Gospel ready; Christ is coming back soon!

The Light of the World, Jesus is the Word

We do not need or require subscriptions since the belief that ”freely you have received so freely give.” is our guiding mantra.

Mattew 10:8, Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

That is what Jesus Himself preached and instructed His disciples to do. Therefore, sharing what they had received from Him without expecting anything in return includes NOT expecting or requiring people to subscribe for what is supposed to be free.

The Gospel is supposed to be a free tool in God’s arsenal of salvation, to bring souls to Himself and populate His Kingdom, hence the need to make it as accessible as possible.

All we ask from our readers is to help others within their networks, learn and become aware of a free online New Testament Bible opportunity available for everyone on earth at any particular time, paid for by God through Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Digitizing The Gospel

With the advent of information technology and most reading materials going digital globally, Christians ought not to be left behind in keeping up with modern communication trends in the era of social media and the advancement of electronic media technologies, hence, digitizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One may wonder, what exactly does, digitizing the gospel mean? It means taking the gospel digital or making it available through electronic media.

Digitizing The Gospel

Instead of disciples reading an actual hard copy of the New Testament Bible, our ministry chose to simplify the process and selected the NKJV as the most accurate version when translated from Hebrew and Greek languages.

And also one that translates well to the original version, hence transferring the new testament hardcopy version to a digital format in the NKJV.

Bible on Video

The 27 New Testament books appear in dramatized audio with the actual words scrolling down in a video format to help the reader follow closely and internalize scriptures and visualize what God expects each disciple to hear and then obey His Word.

We realize that creating a new testament online Bible on video helps so many people worldwide who could face various challenges of not being able to have access to an actual Bible. Still, some people live in countries where the Bible is outlawed, hence having better access to the Word of God quickly online without jeopardizing their security.

Another reason for creating a Bible on video makes it is easier and faster to spread the Gospel, realizing that most people can adapt quickly and learn, whether in groups or individually, much better on electronic devices. Also, some people might learn via zoom quite faster during discipleship Bible classes.

Be Gospel ready; Christ is coming back soon!

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